european churches responding to migration 2010 aims for:european churches responding to migration 2010 aims for:

  • visibility of the churches' commitment to strangers responding to the message of the Bible
  • promotion of an inclusive policy at European and national level for migrants, refugees and ethnic minority groups

Key aims:Key aims:



right to a long term residence status after five years of legal stay, irrespective of the reasons of stay



  • strengthening the rights of migrants
  • effective programmes welcoming migrants and refugees
  • enhance encounter and participation
  •  combating exclusion and unemployment
  • monitoring and improvement of detention conditions
  • refugee protection
  • studying and researching national rules for legal rights of migrants
  • advocating for the rights as contained in the international Convention on the Rights of all Migrant workers and the members of their families




visibility of churches’ engagement for inclusive communities and societies and work for and with migrants



  • Being Church together - uniting in diversity
  • welcoming strangers in our communities and churches
  • diaconical assistance and support for migrants and refugees
  • enhance participation of migrants in communities
  • exchange and support for migrant churches in the local area