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Why this calendar?

Migration is a reality in all European countries, the scope of migration, however varies: In some countries, societies experience immigration, in others more emigration, some countries more generously offer protection for refugees, others seek to avoid providing asylum. Churches in Europe have been responding to the several migration aspects in different ways. Some churches find themselves familiar, for example, with the protection of refugees, having a long experience of providing shelter and legal counselling, other churches might have been deeply involved in assisting victims of trafficking, while others might have worked for welcoming migrants in their congregations promoting initiatives such as “being church
together – uniting in diversity”. In their different activities, all churches seek to respond to the message of the Bible which insists on the dignity of every human being as created in the image of God.

The Conference of European Churches and the Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe have dedicated 2010 to be the Year of European Churches Responding to Migration. During this year, programmes of churches in Europe with and for migrants, refugees and ethnic minority people shall be made visible, and churches shall be encouraged to share their work and experience with each other.

This calendar – taking note of relevant dates for the churches as well as of international days relating to migration issues – proposes for every month of 2010 a specific theme.

How to read this calendar?

There are 10 different issues analysed, one for each month, while July and August are suggested as time for encounters and for organising summer camps and activities focusing on the migration issues. According to each theme, a biblical quotation has been reported, encouraging churches to respond to migration in the light of the biblical message.

Each theme is articulated in 4 sections.

"Do you know that..” describes the topic of the month by providing some information and figures.

“There is the need to..” highlights the most relevant concerns and commitments.

“What can you do?” is addressed to church members to witness the Christian message of loving and welcoming the neighbour.

“Participants’ concerns at CEC Assembly 2009”, reports the concerns regarding the migration issues expressed by participants at the Assembly of the Conference of European Churches in 2009

How to get more information?

At the end of the calendar there is a section indicating additional resources, documents and publications freely downloadable from the internet for every theme of the months in 2010. Throughout the year the website will provide additional information.