Invitation to Participate and CooperateInvitation to Participate and Cooperate

We would like to invite you to join in and to make the year of “european churches responding to migration 2010” a success.

What can be done?

  • Contribute to theological reflections on migration.
  • Plan worships and prayers on migrant and refugee issues.
  • Collect and elaborate worship material, prayers, hymns, etc. relating to the issues of migration.
  • Identify the major issues around migration in your church, country or region and organize activities accordingly.
  • What and how does your church want to highlight in 2010 and communicate to other churches?
  • Suggest themes for regional consultations.
  • Study the legal situation of migrants: do they have access to a permanent residence title after five years of stay? What would be necessary to achieve a permanent status? How could your church contribute to achieving a permanent residence status?
  • Plan collections to raise funds for the churches’ work with and for migrants.
  • Contribute with a grant or donation to the planning and implementation of the year „european churches responding to migration 2010“. A detailed budget is available on request.
  • Identify a contact person of your church/organisation for activities in the year of „european churches responding to migration 2010“.


Please send your contributions to CCME.


We look forward to cooperating with you in preparation as well as undertaking the year of “european churches responding to migration 2010”.